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Player: Jae
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Character: Percy Jackson
Age: 17
Canon: Camp Halfblood Chronicles
Canon Point: Before Blood of Olympus

Background: Percy Jackson.

If you have dyslexia, if words on a page lift off and scatter, confusing you as to what you're reading . . . or maybe even having ADHD and not being able to sit still? Guess what? You're a demigod/halfblood. That's basically what Percy Jackson is told when he finds out he's the Son of Poseidon, one of the pantheon of Greek gods that actually exist in real life. Who would've thought that? But it gets even better. Or worse? Because then he's told that he's basically won the secret kind of awesome yet kind of awful lottery in the aspect that now strange monsters are after him, wanting to kill him because of what he is. So he has to go to a place called Camp Half-Blood because it's the only safe place for him now. In the past, he was able to get by due to the fact that his mother stayed with a loser asshole because that loser asshole's scent covered up Percy's scent as a demigod. But now that's null and void. And as soon as he enters this camp, his journey begins because that's where he meets others of his kind, befriending them and making enemies of some of them all the while trying to figure out who and what he is now that everything has changed for him.

Personality: Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon, Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of Horses and all that is watery and wet. Percy is not your typical teenager, he's a halfblood/demigod who starts off thinking he's a normal kid with dyslexia and ADHD. But surprise surprise, he's not and that's what makes him who he is. He's the kind of guy you can buddy around with, have fun with and at any time or place he can shoot off a sassy retort and banter with the best of them. In fact, he's so good at this that he kind of automatically makes enemies-- not because he intentionally means to, but because sometimes he can't keep his mouth shut. Even when he tells himself to shut up, the words just slip out of his mouth. It's like his personal off switch is broken, which kind of ends up getting him into a lot of trouble. Who knew being a sassy demigod was so hard?

The thing is, despite being half god and half mortal, he's also very much a victim of his heritage; like the seas and oceans, he prefers to be unrestrained and free to do as he wishes. He doesn't like being held down or told what to do because his own free will is important to him. That's why he tries to reject a lot of what people order to tell him to do because he prefers to make his own decisions based on his own thoughts and opinions. However, this does tend to bite him in the ass a fair bit. And over time he learns to listen to others-- this is especially so when he ends up in the Underworld with fellow demigod Annabeth Chase. Because of Nico's caring side, he pays attention to and treats the people who are neglected with respect. This ends up helping Percy out because Nico tells Bob, originally an enemy but now a sweet sort of Titan, that Percy and Annabeth are good people, they were able to survive and escape the Underworld. When Percy learns this though, he realizes just how much he hadn't given people credit where credit was due. And that's why he tries to emulate that type of understanding and care so he can be a better person.

Besides being a sassy and courageous, he's also a natural born leader. He has an instinct for it and a quirky sort of charm that ends up making people want to follow him. Not only that, but he's the type to always have your back no matter what if you're his friend. He's not the type to let anyone down or leave anyone behind. He's a hero through and through and he'll do everything in his power to make things okay, not just for him but also for the people he cares about. And while he does have his flaws- like having a short temper and recklessly running headfirst into danger to help a friend, he does his best as a person to overcome them. At the same time, all demigods/halfbloods have a specific sort of flaw. I'm not talking about some of them; I'm talking about all of them. And Percy's is personal loyalty. Remember what I said about him not letting anyone down and leaving anyone behind? That's his flaw. He will do everything he can to help a friend-- even if it means tossing the world aside to save them. This is why a lot of the gods view him as a threat because as a child of one of the Big Three ( Hades, Zeus and Poseidon ), he's more powerful than most other demigods. And he's also part of a prophecy that involves a child of the Big three having a big hand in either saving the world or letting the world be destroyed. Which means his personal flaw can put everything and everyone at stake, gods, humans and demigods/halfbloods alike.

Good news, though. He ends up saving the world despite all of that. Several times. And all with the help of his friends and a sturdy old pen. I mean sword. I mean pen. Did I mention he has a pen that turns into a sword called Riptide? Because he does.

Abilities: Percy is a son of Poseidon, one of the big three ( Zeus/Hades/Poseidon ); who is one of the most powerful Greek gods in the line up. So he has dominion over everything watery and wet. For instance, when he's in contact with water, he gains almost superhuman abilities where he's harder, faster, better and stronger in almost every aspect. He also has the ability of heat resistance because, come on, throwing fire at a watery demigod will practically get you an eyeroll from a nearby porpoise. Being in contact with water can also heal Percy from any wounds or damage he sustains in a fight/battle or even a kerfuffle of a scuffle with someone else. This also affects any type of poison that he's poisoned with too; the water will basically cure him and he'll be right as rain, no pun intended, at the end of it. Beyond that, he can use pretty much his will and his emotions to strengthen his control over water and where it goes and different types of liquid attacks, where he can even summon it if necessary. To be technical, he could probably also draw water from the moisture in the air to aid him. So basically he has hydrokineses and water is probably akin to the Force in Star Wars for him, except there is no light or dark side; there's only Percy Jackson. This also means that he can breathe underwater; he doesn't have gills, but basically what happens is that he can kind of draw pockets of air in with him and breathe through those. Water pressure also has nothing on him. He also has what I call "water gps". What is that? It's an ability where he can give you the exact coordinates/location of wherever they are in the seas/oceans and which coordinates you need to get to while on water. Basically, everything involved with water is linked to every ability he has. Another example is like Piper who's a daughter of Aphrodite; she has the ability to speak French because it's the language of love. So Percy has the power to speak to animals both normally and telepathically that live in any body of water. There are lesser powers he has, as well. He can summon hurricanes/storms, he can make earthquakes happen too but I call them lesser powers because he has less control of them than he does over his guaranteed hydrokinesis.

There's also the general ADHD that all demigods/halfbloods have. This is because their brains aren't hardwired to read normal language, their brains are fixed on being able to read Ancient Greek. Their instincts and skills are also pretty much attributed as "ADHD" because those instincts and skills for fighting are pretty much in their genetics. So what you have is a demigod who can't sit still, can't read very well because letters get jumbled up when they look at them and that's why normal people just think they have ADHD.

Alignment: Thras. Basically because at the beginning Percy is a scared kid who doesn't know what or who he has once he finds out that he's a Son of Poseidon. However, as time passes and he becomes more confident and sure of his own abilities, he shows himself to be one of the bravest characters within the series.

Other: Percy will be bringing along Mrs. O' Leary, a hellhound that will be miniaturized to normal size.


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